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Glycol Heat Tracing

Keeping the right temperature

Glycol heat tracing is often used in industry to protect pipes, boilers, pumps and other equipment from frost in winter, or to keep warm water at required temperature.  It involves heating the installations by means of tubing containing heated glycol that is strapped to the pipe or equipment, transferring the heat of the glycol to the installation.

Protection against the elements

Glycol heat tracing can best be summarized as a series of closed loop tubing circuits that trace the outside of various sizes, and types of process piping found in the oil and gas plants all throughout Canada.  In addition to tracing process piping, we also run our tracing lines to contour all different kinds of devices and various makes and models of valve work found in the oil and gas industry.

Thermal Conductivity

Glycol heat tracing lines (commonly referred to as GHT circuits) once installed will have hot glycol circulating through them that will transfer heat energy to the pipes and devices through a process called Thermal Conductivity.  It is through this process of thermal conductivity that we are able to ensure that all items we are tracing have a reliable means of freeze protection set in place.

In the event that we experience a less than desirable weather condition, or even if extreme weather conditions set in, we can rest assured that both our plant's pipes and process equipment are all operating at their optimum peak performance due to temperatures that are now being properly maintained.

Glycol Tracing

Our scope of work

  • Bare & pre-insulate tubing, snap trace
  • Design & install heat tracing
  • Pneumatic testing of systems
  • Troubleshooting existing systems
  • Perform maintenance on existing systems
  • Industry leading bracket & PIT support systems
  • Process Mapping - Provide detailed identification tagging on manifolds & system components
  • Provide onsite consulting & estimating services
  • Top of the line innovated programs & tracking systems to ensure accountability for our clients


Valve on glycol system 1
Valve on glycol system

Areas of application

  • Oil & gas refineries
  • New construction
  • Maintenance
  • Tieing into existing heat trace systems (expansion)
  • Module yard installation
  • Skid shop installation
  • Well pad and battery sites
Tracing on pipes
Control Valves